Mum baffled by angry note left on her car after supermarket trip

Mum baffled by angry note left on her car after supermarket trip

A mum was left bemused after an angry note was left on her car after a supermarket trip – saying that she shouldn’t have parked in a parking space for parents.

TikTok user Inferno Insomnia said she had parked outside the shop and returned to find the passive-aggressive note stuck under her windscreen wiper.

She shared her story in a video on the social media platform, in which she illustrated that it was clear she had children – with a child’s seat in the back of the car.

But the note said that the parking spaces must be left for those ‘who need them’ for everyone’s safety, and ‘not for your convenience’.

In the video, she says: “So we came back from doing our shopping and we saw this in the windscreen wiper of our car.

“It says please do not park in parent parking if you do not have kids, your registration and vehicle has been reported and also given to centre management.

“In future keep these parking areas available for those who need them for everyone’s safety, not for your convenience.

“Now I know you can’t really see this because of the window’s reflections but if you see in the window of our car you can clearly see a child’s seat and children’s beanies.

“So do I need to put one of those stick figure family stickers on my car to prove I have children?”

The video was posted on Wednesday, June 16, and since then it has been viewed more than 54,000 times and has attracted hundreds of comments.

One user said: “Centre management would’ve laughed at them, they can’t enforce that rule.”

Another added: “A woman did this to me once, I showed her the car seat and she said, ‘it’s a prop because it’s facing the wrong way’ – it was a rear-facing seat.”

While a third said: “They were obviously on a high horse because those parking spots are a courtesy and it’s not illegal to park in them without kids.”